Sabtu, 20 Februari 2016

Surowono Temple

Hi gaes I was at Surowono Temple or Candi Surowono (Bahasa).  This temple is located in Desa Canggu, Kediri , East Java. Build in 14 Century this temple is Hindu temple.This Temple build to worshiped Wijayarajasa, Bhre Wengker.

Surowono Temple
Actually this temple is small not big like Prambanan temple or Borobudur temple and the roof of this temple was collapsed. So when you visit this temple from the entrance gate you will see many stone of this temple. There are some relief here Arjuna, Bubuksah and Sri Tanjung relief.

You can go to this temple by bicycle or motorcycle from English Village (Kampung Inggris) in Pare. Yups! In Indonesia when you want learn English and want to enhance your English ability, English Village is the right choice. Usually the people whos visit this temple is Students of English Village. So while you learn english you can go to this Temple.

How about the entrance price? Expensive? Cheap? Actually there is no entrance price. You can pay it as you wish! yeaah pay as you wish. How happy we are! Can visit Historical Sites with cheap prices.  But accrording with the price, please dont expect too much . Because if you have a big expectation about this temple you will feel disappoint.
So why you dont add this temple to your next destination?

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